Meet the girl who is fighting for cancer survivors and the thin blue line

Although she’s fighting an incurable type of cancer, seven year old Abigail Arias, is giving her all to advocate not only for cancer survivors, but for the thin blue line, her heroes, law enforcement officers.

A seven-year-old girl still giving it her all, even while battling an incurable cancer. We spoke with Abigail today at Kamin Furniture.

Abigail Arias was deputized by the Freeport Police in February, and has since gained worldwide fame fighting not only for cancer survivors but also law enforcement officers.

“Everybody has been wanting me to travel around the world, ‘hey, can Abigail come to Las Vegas, can Abigail come to Wyoming.’ They were just asking everywhere and I’ve been exploring the world,” said Abigail.

An email sent to Kamin furniture requesting information about two llama-print chairs sparked a conversation between young Abigail and Buddy Kamin, the owner of the family run business and a cancer survivor himself.

Kamin and his family were touched by Abigail’s story and they decided to donate the chairs to support her cause.

“We got connected with her via email. We were fortunate enough to coordinate a meeting, and we were able to donate a chair because we believe in her and her fight against cancer,” Bentley Kamin, President of Kamin Furniture. “We just thought it was a really awesome story, so we couldn’t resist the chance of getting her to come down and doing this for her.”

The chairs will be sent to the Freeport Police station and become part of the police chief’s llama-themed office. An office that was inspired by Abigail herself who loves the furry mammal with South American roots.

“For her it’s something that she found that makes her smile, so every time a new gift arrives from all over the world, to the police department, a llama, it doesn’t matter, it could be this llama 10x over, she’s thankful it brings a smile to her face,” Raymond Garivey, Freeport Chief of Police.

Since her story caught fire Abigail has also been invited to foreign countries by her supporters and fans cheering her along in her fight against cancer.

“You don’t have to dress up like what you want to be, just be yourself,” said Abigail.

Abigail says she hopes other cancer patients find inspiration in her story and that they continue to stay relentless in the fight for their lives.

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