Meet the doctor: Dr. David L. Janssen, M.D., ABRRO

Dr. David Janssen has been caring for patients at the Kathryn O’Connor Regional Cancer Center of Citizens Medical Center for over 25 years. A Yorktown, Texas native, Dr. Janssen has treated many from his own crossroads community and continues to do so every day. Dr. Janssen is a Board Certified physician through the American Board of Therapeutic Radiology. He spends his days seeing patients and working with a multidisciplinary team to formulate individual treatment plans for each patient. By doing so, he ensures that each patient receives the best care based on their individual needs. Some modes of therapy used in individual treatment plans are PET Scan, IMRT/VMAT, 3D, Brachytherapy, and Iodine I131 Therapy. With such an advanced array of technology at patients’ disposal, Dr. Janssen and the multidisciplinary team at the Kathryn O’Connor Regional Cancer Center are proud to be the Crossroads’ Partner for Life.