Meet The Captain: A local cat who lives at a police station just went viral

Captain lives 24/7 at the Port Lavaca Police Department

PORT LAVACA, Texas – This is 5-year-old Captain.

He lives 24/7 at the Port Lavaca Police Department.

Captain just went viral on a digital platform called The Dodo. The platform is known for providing a space to serve emotionally and visually compelling, animal-related stories.

The platform caters to more than 28 million Facebook users.

Officially, the Captain belongs to Chief Rangnow who adopted the Captain from Calhoun County Humane Society.

“He and I split the bills. Chief handles the food and kitty litter, I handle the treats, toys and vet care,” said Karen Neal who is the Administrative Assistant for the department in an email.

Neal expressed how the Captain provides a welcome distraction from the stress of the job. “He also represents a more human aspect to policing,” she said.

“There was quite a bit of interest in him [Captain] but I didn’t want to fill up our Facebook feed with him,” Neal said.

So, the police department decided to come up with an Instagram account that would only focus on the Captain.

“I’ve seen him calm down people coming in for interviews [and] I’ve taken him out to the lobby to distract and entertain children,” shared Neal.

Neal said the public can visit the Captain, but resident must call ahead.

There’s an important message the Captain would like to share with the public:

“The Captain wants the public to be sure to spay and neuter their pets.”

Also, adopt and don’t shop, the Captain added.