Meet Cy Cole: Champion Mini Bull Rider

Meet Victoria’s own dancing cowboy. Cy Cole is a champion mini bull rider with more awards and more courage than money could buy. He started off mutton bustin when he was five years old, and the now 11 year old is a four time world finals qualifier. After attending the Chris Shriver’s mini bull riding world finals in Las Vegas, Cy Cole is now the number five world champion.

“Well, it feels awesome for me because mostly this is further than I’ve been hoping for for my career and there’s, and I’m hoping to get it towards first.”

We asked Cy how he handles the task of facing the bulls and keeping calm under pressure.

“Well sometimes I get scared of them messing around around the chute and doing all the crazy stuff. It gets kind of scary, but as soon as you get your rope done and then they open the chute, then you’ll just feel kind of comfortable, and you’ll know if you’re able to ride the bull as long as you make the first jump out.”

Cy tells us that one ride did make him hesitate, but only for a minute.

“At the Chris Shriver’s Arena, a bull sent me flying and started hooking me from the ground. And I said I wanted to quit. But then I changed my mind.”

The rodeo champion tells us that he wants to encourage other kids to get into the sport that he loves so much.

“Well, I want them to know that the sport is really dangerous and sometimes you gotta just keep yourself safe, but like, it’s fun. But dangerous.”

Cy Cole returns to Las Vegas in December, and he’s hoping to get the number one spot this time.

For your hometown news, I’m Alexandra Kent.