Meet Bud, the Navy’s only golden retriever working dog

NAVAL STATION NORFOLK, Va (WTKR via CNN Wire) — When you see military K-9s in action, it’s usually a German shepherd or something similar. But in the U.S. Navy, there’s a new breed in town.

Bud the golden retriever began working at Naval Station Norfolk in January and is one of the newest military working dogs on base. He may be one of the most popular dog breeds in the country, but he’s truly one of a kind.

“He’s the only golden retriever in the Navy, ” said MA1 Dustin Tyler, who trained Bud. ” He is young and he’s a different dog, but he’s one of the best dogs we have in our kennel.”

Bud, who is two years old, was scouted last year. MA1 Tyler said the Navy looks at things like temperament and drive, and took a chance on Bud.

” He turned out to be a great pick, ” he said.

Spending months working on detection, the safety of the base and the people on it falls on Bud’s cold nose. He spends of a lot of time looking through cars headed through the base gates.

” He’s looking for things that are not allowed on base, ” said Officer Brian Gardill , Bud’s handler.

If Bud finds something, he’ll give Gardill a signal and ” from that point, I’ll act accordingly, ” Gardill said.