Medical staff at Citizens Medical Center demonstrates surgical system to students

Surgical technology impresses students

VICTORIA, Texas – On Thursday, March 3, Dr. Hashmi with the Citizens Medical Center demonstrated a surgical robotic system called DaVinci XI in front of a class from St. Joseph’s high school.

The physician, Dr. Shahid H. Hashmi, has been practicing medicine for over 50 years. He’s seen surgery procedures evolve and was looking forward to demonstrating this machine to students. In further detail, some beneficial factors from having the DaVinci XI is that it uses technology which was previously unaccessible. For example, it makes surgery less intimidating for patients because the machines tools are a lot more precise than the surgeon’s actual hands during a regular surgical procedure. As a result, the recovery process is much easier and more manageable for the patient.

“Number one, you have a better approach to the surgical procedure. Number two, it’s minimally invasive. So, patients don’t have that much pain. Number three, they go home much sooner, they have a recovery process that’s much easier,” he said.

The medical staff was really looking forward to demonstrating this technology for the class. Dr. Hashmi said this technique of robotics and minimally invasive procedure makes it easier for patients to return back to their normal lives.

“Instead of making much bigger incisions, we can do it through minimal small incisions. And they are back to work as quickly as they can because the recovery process is fast,” said Dr. Hashmi.

One student from St. Joseph’s high school wants to become an optometrist or a pediatrician in the future. The class knew they were going to have this demonstrating before the day of the actual field trip. Angelina Garza, freshmen student, said she was really looking forward to the presentation because she wants to pursue a path in medicine. Some students were eager when it was their turn to test out the machine.

“Oh for sure, it was really interesting to see like how far medicine has come,” she said. “And where it can go and how much procession can come with new developments like the DaVinci machine,” said Garza.

After the demonstration and watching a video about it, students had the opportunity to test out the machine. Some students got a turn to use the machine. They used the tools and practiced removing objects from a small plant pot. During the presentation, doctors and medical staff made a comparison of using the different tools for an actual procedure. Teaching them the pros and cons of performing a surgery with the old, manual tools verses performing surgery with this machine.