Meals on Wheels of Victoria and H-E-B distributed 1,000 meals to the community

VICTORIA, Texas-Meals on Wheels of Victoria and H-E-B joined forces to give out 1,000 meals to the community. Here in the Crossroads hunger is a reality for approximately 30,000 people, but these two community organizations are working to change that.

“So we distributed 1,200 meals to 600 people. We delivered two meals to homebound individuals that called and registered for meals with us. We hoped to hit 1,000 meals but we fell a little bit short of that goal but we were able to hit 600,” said Dan Williams-Capone, the Executive Director for Meals on Wheels of Victoria.

Meals on Wheels of Victoria teamed up with H-E-B to pass out several boxes of roasted turkey meals. Homebound members of the community had their meals delivered right in time for the Christmas holiday.

“Well, this is the first year that we partnered with H-E-B to do this. We started the planning process back several months ago. We’ve been delivering meals to the homebound for 40 years here in victoria since 1979,” said Williams-Capone.

Several cars waited in line to pick up a meal. As the cars drove up you could see the volunteers waiting to serve the community.

“Like I said we were really really glad to have had this opportunity for H-E-B and us to kind of find each other to work together moving forward in doing this next year and for years to come,” said Williams-Capone.

Meals on wheels and H-E-B had over 100 volunteers helping make this a successful event.