Mayor Rawley McCoy wants to bring more economic development to downtown Victoria

The Victoria community has been very vocal regarding concerns about the potholes on local streets. After Mayor McCoy spoke I asked whether the economic development include getting the streets fixed.

Mayor Rawley McCoy said,” Right now I understand that there are some problems, we are short-staffed, and we may even need another truck to handle all of those pothole repairs,”.

During the luncheon, Mayor McCoy gave a speech informing the community on The State Of The City Of Victoria. He said the city was doing good, but he would like to see more economic development. I asked where are the funds coming from to build The City Of Victoria?

“Our biggest way to see things happen in Victoria is we must grow our tax base through a robust economic development push,” said McCoy.

He goes on to mention, that we must grow our economic development as a region. However, Cynthia Stale, the President of Golden Crescent Habitat for Humanity expressed what she enjoyed about the meeting.

“I love that he talked about economic development because I agree completely,” said Stale.

Staley goes on to speak about what she hopes the city will consider.

“We need to address affordable housing for the employees who will be working in those businesses. Right now one in eight families in Texas spend more than 50 percent of their income on housing,” said Staley.

Mayor McCoy would like economic developments to bring downtown Victoria more of a nightlife entertainment community.