May Military Hero

Meet Army Veteran George Hyak, who is also 102 years old.

Born September 26, 1919, in Tivoli, Texas, George Hyak is now 102 years old, and if you were to sit down with him you would never guess that Mr. Hyak is over 100, but being 102 he has seen and done a lot. Before joining the service Hyak worked in the grocery business. Then when he was in his 20s he got a letter from the President that changed his life. 

“Well, I had no choice. The President of the United States of America wrote me a letter said that you’re now joined in induction, inducted, into the US Army. I said, okay, I’ll come along,” says Hyak.

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Meet Army Veteran George Hyak. He’s your Military Hero for the month of May and is now 102, he also used to own Dick’s Food Store in Victoria.

Hyak would serve in the Army’s 8th Division Infantry in the motor pool, which meant he was tasked with driving the Officers around, oftentimes in warzones, driving Commanders and Lieutenant Colonels to and from their destinations. 

While in the Army he’d see much of the world, saying that seeing the world really opened up his perspective.

“Before I got into the Army, I never left Victoria city. But I see many, many other cities and other countries. I think I learned quite a bit through that,” says Hyak.

And one memory that sticks out to him was the Battle of the Bulge.

“At the Battle of the Bulge that was in Belgium. We was surprised. And, actually, I would think that was the beginning of the winning of the war,” says Hyak.

Hyak would spend a little over three years in the Army and once back in Victoria he’d return to the grocery business, where he’d go on to work there for nearly 50 years and was the owner of Dick’s Food Store off Crestwood. He retired in 1989 and his son now owns the store. Being 102 he’s got a large family with a lot of love. 

“Their my love, now goodness, miss my wife lost her last July the Fourth. I have a wonderful, wonderful son. I have a good daughter-in-law. And I have a wonderful, wonderful daughter. I have six grandchildren, 12 great-grandchildren, and two great, great grandchilds. I love them all. And they all live here in Victoria, Texas, except one that lives in Houston. But we’re a close family, very close,” says Hyak.

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George Hyak surrounded by his family.

Hyak adding that he’s loved his life and still does. 

”I really enjoyed my life, and I’m still enjoying it. I’m 102 years old. And every second, the first I would say would be the love of my Heavenly Father who is in heaven. And I appreciate it very much. Thank you,” says Hyak.

And it’s not often you meet someone who lives to see 102 so I had to ask Hyak what his tips to living past 100 are, and he says it comes down to the three s’s. 

“Socialize, spiritual, and the last one is a best of all smile,” says Hyak.

Always good to remember to smile. Thank you George Hyak for your service to your country and your community, and thank you to all the Veterans and Service Members who work to defend our freedoms as Americans.