May ballot will consist of two runoff elections for Victoria County

VICTORIA, Texas- As official results were finalized early Wednesday morning, a runoff election is now guaranteed.

Craig Goodman, an associate professor for political science at the University of Houston -Victoria explained, “a runoff election occurs in Texas when no candidate in a primary or a special election gets a majority of the vote, which is defined as 50 percent plus one.”  

Two races will face a run off. The Victoria county sheriff seat, which is vacant at the moment after county officials voted to not appoint an interim sheriff. The other is the Victoria county tax assessor- collector. 

When asked what the impact may be of a runoff election, Goodman says, “it’s an expense for the county because they have to staff polling places for another election, typically that also means staffing polling places for a period of early voting, and then its also a cost to the voters in Victoria county in the sense that they went to the polls and are being asked to go back to the polls.”

Final counts show Justin Marr at 45%, with 5,082 votes and Dale Fowler at 42.1% with 4,751 votes for the Victoria County Sheriff race.

The Victoria county tax assessor – collector race had Ashley Hernandez end with 45.8 % equaling 4,948 votes and David Hagan at 53.1 % with 3792 votes.

Goodman reminds voters that, “for these races, the sheriff and tax assessor collector- republicans can vote. So, if you pulled a democratic ballot,  you’re not eligible to vote in these run off elections. Only Republicans can vote in their runoff elections.“


All number available per the Victoria Elections Office are available here.