Marq Perez guilty verdict reactions

A guilty verdict has been handed down in the Marq Perez trial…. Newscenter 25’s David Gibson spent the day in court and spoke with Perez’s attorney as well as a member of the Victoria Islamic Center. The verdict for the Marq Perez trial came after hours of jury deliberation. When the judge read guilty for all charges in this case, it was a sigh of relief for all the members of the Victoria Islamic Center in attendance today.
Perez’s family stared blankly while members of the mosque shared a smile. When members gathered outside the court room they shared hugs and well wishes.
Both sides told me how they felt after hearing the verdict. We are feeling extremely delighted because justice has been served. This has been a year and half emotional roller-coaster. We feel extremely happy with the jury,” exclaims Omar Rachid, Member. “We felt like the medial locally handled this as a political case, talked about diversity, talked about rebuilding the Islamic Center with love. I think that was inappropriate and we certainly hope that the jury was not propagandized by that,” declares Mark Di Carlo, Perez’s Attorney. Perez is facing up to 20 years in federal prison for the hate crime and up to 10 years for possessing an unregistered destructive device, and for the use of a fire to commit a felony, the penalty is a consecutive and mandatory minimum of 10 years in prison. All counts also carry a potential 250,000 dollar fine.
Sentencing is set for October 2nd. Another member tells us the members of the Islamic center forgive Marq Perez for what he has done and they are focused on moving forward with the opening of the new mosque.