Marq Perez appears at Pre-Trial Arraignment in Corpus Christi

Marq Perez,25, pleads not guilty in federal court this morning in Corpus Christi to one count possession of unregistered destructive device.

This is his second hearing in Corpus Christi where Judge B. Janice Ellington presented Perez’s charges he is facing and potential jail time. Perez is facing up to a maximum of 10 years in prison, not to exceed $250,000 fine and 3 years supervised release.

Perez was indicted Thursday, March 23rd, for that one single charge. His original court hearing was Thursday morning, March 30th, in Houston but per his attorney’s request the hearing location was changed to Corpus Christi Federal Courthouse Friday morning, March 31st. Attorney Mark DiCarlo felt the jury pool would be more favorable to conviction if held in Houston.

The judge set the final docket date to April 27th and Jury Trial to start May 1st.

Perez’s indictment stems from a car fire at a relative’s home in Victoria on January 15th using taped up fireworks.

Two weeks ago a prosecution team and investigators provided evidence in a pre-trial hearing pointing to Perez’s involvement in the January 28th fire at the Victoria Islamic Center.