Marching to honor the fallen

100-mile ruck march in Goliad

Every year a collective of South Texas veterans band together to march 100 miles over the span of five days. We caught up with them in Goliad on Day 2 of their march to learn more about this monumental testament to the love and solidarity between soldiers. Luis Pulido leads the group through Goliad and tells us why this march is important to him and the veterans that join. “Well, we’re the Iraq, Afghanistan Veterans Organization and what we do every year…this is our sixth annual, hundred mile, ruck march. And we do the last a hundred miles that our fallen couldn’t complete,” he explains. His 8 years of service, tours overseas, and most importantly, the fallen service men and women, motivate Pulido to continue the march every year. He says, “I served in Iraq and Afghanistan. One of the guys I served with unfortunately lost his life when he came home, and I do the hundred miles for him every year. This will be my third year, hopefully, that I’ll complete the 300 miles. It’s for our fallen now, but everybody out here has a story. Everybody out here has somebody that they’re doing this march for. So it’s a nice…it’s an emotional event for all of us, even though it’s us acting like veterans and just acting silly, acting crazy for five days.” P ulido tells us that there is no specific armed service they represent through this march because many of the veterans come from different branches. “W e have everybody out here. We have Army, Navy, Air Force. We even had our Coast Guard yesterday. So it’s every branch, every civilian. If you’re just a civilian supporter, you’re welcome out here too,” Pulido tells us. I f you are interested in getting in touch with the Iraq Afghanistan Veterans Organization, you can find them on Facebook or go to their website, www.i