March is National Kidney Month

Today Mayor Paul Polasek presented a declaration recognizing March as National Kidney Month and kidney disease is often overlooked. “The kidney disease is not being recognized in the community too much and we need to pay more attention to the diagnosis,” said Dr. Faisal Khan. The two most common signs of kidney disease is high blood pressure and diabetes and doctors recommend you get regular checkups. “Kidney disease is a silent killer and most of the people that have kidney disease don’t even know they have it,” said Dr. Haresh Kumar.

If you are African American or Hispanic you’re at risk for the disease. Dr. Kumar tells me you can be affected whether you are young or old. “I have patients who are on dialysis as young as 20 and as old as 90 but kidney disease is more problematic in older population,” said Dr Kumar. The testing for kidney disease it is simple. “All you need is a simple blood test and urine test to get evaluated for the kidney failure,” said Dr Kumar.

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