Man involved in Golf Cart Accident, Visitation Services Today at 5pm

Steve Flores, 33, of Victoria visitation and prayer service will be Thursday, April 6th, at 5pm-9pm at First Baptist Church 902 Calhoun St, Port Lavaca, TX 77979. The prayer service will be at 7pm. The funeral services will be held Friday, April 7th at First Baptist Church from 10:00 to 11:00 a.m. Following the service there will be a lunch in the church hall from 11:00 to 12:30 p.m. Flores will be taken to Resurrection Cemetery in Victoria on the corner of Mockingbird and Laurent.

To donate to Flores services, visit his GoFundMe page HERE.

Victoria Police Department is now investigating Flores’ death as manslaughter. Investigators say they plan to submit all evidence to the District Attorney’s office for criminal case consideration.


“I saw lights flashing lights I came outside and they were loading the guy up in the ambulance he was laying right here, Victoria resident, Debbie Highberg said.

Victoria Resident Debbie Highberg says she witnessed the after math of a fatal accident involving a golf cart around midnight Sunday morning in her driveway.
“A fireman was spraying down the drive way to remove the blood. I had heard from the fireman that i talked to that he had fell out of the golf cart and cracked his skull,” Highberg said. Steve Flores, 33, was riding a golf cart with three friends on Dundee Street early Sunday morning in Victoria. Flores fell off the cart and hit his head on the ground. He later died at a Houston Hospital Sunday afternoon. “It was scary and sad because there was blood all over the drive way and I felt bad for the guy, Highberg said. In an effort to get more information on the accident I spoke with Victoria Police who say when they got to the scene at 1 am Flores was in critical condition.
“He was transported to Citizens Medical Center which I do understand that he was also life flighted and unfortunately he did pass away from his injuries,” VPD Lt., Eline Moya said. While VPD cant confirm what lead to the accident and how Flores sustained injuries, Highberg says she cant look at her driveway the same ever again knowing a man lost his life. “its just an unfortunate tragic accident that occurred and I know our investigators are looking into every aspect of it,” Moya said.