Man dies after series of car accidents

A Victoria man is dead after a series of car accidents.

Early Monday morning an elderly couple failed to stop at a stop sign while turning onto Highway 87 from Guadalupe Road.

Benjamin Deleon, driving a Kia Soul, struck the couple’s Honda Accord.

Deleon stopped and helped Pete Moralez and his wife, Connie Moralez out of their vehicle.

The husband went back to grab something out of his car when Victoria resident Mariah Hall hit the Honda with her Jeep Grand Cherokee.

The Honda then went on to hit Mr. Moralez.

The force of the Honda threw Moralez into the center median.

He was taken to DeTar Hospital where he was declared dead.

Texas DPS Spokesperson Ruben San Miguel says fog was a major contributing factor in these accidents and urges drivers to be extra cautious on the roadway when fog is present.