Make A Star Wars Wish For One Victoria Child

Jeffrey “Eastyn” Lanier who attends Cade Middle School has dealt with cystic fibrosis all of his life and Make A Wish awarded him with a Star Wars cruise and I asked him what he is looking forward to the most? “Everything. Anything in particular? The food.. The experience,” said Eastyn Lanier.

Dylan Lanier tells me it was his wife’s brother that referred Eastyn for the program. ” It was actually Jamie right your uncle that turned in the paperwork to get it started,” said Dylan Lanier. Eastyn’s road so far has been tough but his family has got him through it all. “It’s been awhile since he has been to the hospital so that’s good but there was a string there that it seemed we were in there a couple times a year but his family he has a good family he loves his family,” said Lanier.

Before Eastyn and dad leave to go on their cruise, they shared with me their favorite Star Wars character. “Jar Jar Binks for me. I love him when we came out he trips me up or Yoda. Yoda is the man. Han!!” said Lanier.