Magnolia Beach gets Reconstructed after Harvey Damage

Several piers saw significant damage from the destruction of Harvey at Magnolia Beach. Calhoun County Commissioner, David Hall speaks on the reconstruction plan.

Calm waves now hit the shore at Magnolia Beach, but nearly a year ago when Harvey struck, high winds and strong currents damaged piers along the sandy shore.

“Right here where we’re standing there was not a whole lot of sand that was left, and the pier behind us most of the boards were washed all the way down the beach, had a lot of debris covering the roadways out here” says David Hall.

The long process of assessing damage on the insured piers finally came to a solution. A $300,000 bid was accepted to begin reconstruction.

“This is very visible, so its very obvious, we have two different piers here in precinct one and another that was damaged in precinct two, this is the worst one in precinct one,” adds David Hall.

The money approved will replace three piers, local company, Fowler Construction LLC will take on the project that will continue providing fishers a spot to fish.

“There’s a lot of people that like to come out to the piers to fish, it’s just a good getaway on the weekend,” says David Hall.

Fishers like Isidrio Mirelez who travels from Austin, has visited Magnolia Beach for the past 10 years.

“We love it, it’s a beautiful place, and we do come fishing out here, if i could fish out the pier and be safe, that’s the main thing, it’d be beautiful,” he adds.

Commissioner Hall clarifies that there is not a set date for the beginning of the reconstruction, however he believes it will begin before summer ends.