Lyondellbasell is participating in the 20th Annual Global Care Day at the Texas Zoo

Several volunteers are dedicating their time to make sure the Texas Zoo has up-to-date amenities to keep our local zoo animals healthy and happy.

Howard Huang, Lyondellbasell of Victoria Technical Team Lead said, “Today we are doing a Global Care Project. This is something LyondellBasell does every year. This year we have about 3,700 employees all across the globe volunteering their time.”

The Texas Zoo and LyondellBasell have joined together to work on several projects that focus on waste clean up and sustainability. Also, some of the most popular visitor features are going to improve.

Jay Brooks Jensen, Texas Zoo Curator of Wildlife Care said, “They are rebuilding a deck on our conservation station. We are planting a whole bunch of new plants in the Jaguar exhibit to make it very tropical, into our tropical avar area and into our absolute exhibit.”

Jaguars are the third-largest native cat species in the world. Inside the jaguar exhibit, the volunteers are adding banana trees to make their habitation seem more natural. UHV’S Jax the jaguar is a resident in this exhibit.

“It gives them shade, it gives them a place to hide, they love playing hide go seek and were hanging a huge tractor tire that will have hay in it. So they can literally have a tire swing that they can lay in and swing around inside while in the shade.”

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