Local World War II Vet Celebrates 94th Birthday

A crowd of around 30 people gathered at the American Legion Post 166 to celebrate a local hero.



VICTORIA, Texas – Ed Gregurek turned 94 Sunday.

Gregurek has  volunteered his time for the past eight years at the Warriors Weekend Field of Honor.  The celebration wasn’t something he expected…but it is an event he’s beyond grateful for.

“It is indeed an honor that this event is for the celebration of my 94th birthday. I have had birthdays in the past but this one is a memorial event and I will remember it for the rest of my life,” said Gregurek.

Gregurek graduated from pharmacy school at the University of Texas.

During the World War II era, he worked at a hospital where he was a remains identification technician.

Happy birthday ed Gregurek and we hope you had a great day celebrating.