Local Woman’s Medical Miracle Inspires National Motion Picture

“I was fighting a losing battle that I was never going to win,” says Port Lavaca native Alice Duenez Soliz.

When Soliz found out she had level 4 endometriosis, an incurable disease, she began to lose hope in her future.

“I was told that the only thing that I had left was experimental drugs,” says Soliz after Sunday service at Good News Church in Point Comfort. “That was the only thing that they could do for me at that point. So when that ended, it seemed like my life ended because my hope ended.”

She says doctors tried everything. Her illness eventually spread and her life was quickly slipping away. But, it wasn’t until she says she experienced a miracle from Christ in her DeTar Hospital Room, that everything changed.

“He said do you have pain now. I said no and I shook my head. He said you’re healed. You’re going home. I’m leaving your doctor a note,” says Soliz.

Soliz’s story has impacted many in our area and has now reached Hollywood. A major motion picture will soon be produced right here in the Crossroads.

“Doctors are still confused it’s been 20 years. So we heard about the story so we’ve come to do a little research, and we’re looking to make this a motion picture,” says Hollywood Producer Rick Reyna.

Soliz says she wants to inspire others like her, and to encourage them not to lose hope.

“Miracles still exist because of Jesus. There is a great physician out there,” Soliz says

Hollywood Film makers and producers will be coming to the Crossroads area this summer to film the motion picture, “Alice.”

The community is invited to be involved as extras. Producers plan to use the city as a backdrop, so they’re asking for your help.

To get involved you can email Producer Rick@RalliesforChrist.org