Local woman at risk amid supply hoarding

Community hoards disinfecting supplies amid COVID-19 scare

VICTORIA, Texas- COVID-19 has much of the nation living in fear. Hoarding disinfectant supplies to stay safe, but we never stopped to think about how this is affecting home-bound patients who can’t find the medical supplies that they need.

“Like the hand-sanitizer, alcohol things like that, I have to have at home. Extra masks so that I don’t breathe on the dressing when I’m changing it. What I have is an IV going into my main artery and into my heart,” said Tonya Gerloff, an at-home patient.

Tonya Gerloff is an at-home patient. She says she’s been out of supplies for two weeks. She blames the Coronavirus scare which has many people buying up supplies she needs.

“We need to be able to hand sanitize our arms and stuff. When we were changing out our tubing. We need to be able to keep sanitized around our incisions or our tubing. So these are all things that people who are buying and selling are putting others in danger,” said Gerloff.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 many stores have run out of face masks, alcohol and hand sanitizer. Gerloff says she has to sanitize her incisions but with the lack of supplies, it’s making that difficult.

“My nurse comes out when she can once a week and changes it but the tubing, I have to hand change myself on a daily basis as far as hooking up the IV taking the IV off things like that and that all has to be sanitized,” said Gerloff.

Gerloff is asking the community when buying medical supplies to stay safe from COVID-19 and to be considerate of others.