Local Walmart, Target, preparing customers for impending tropical storm Harvey

Local market stores Walmart, Target and others are looking to provide extra supplies and services to customers in preparation for tropical storm Harvey, which is expected to land sometime this weekend.

Walmart officials confirmed to Newscenter 25 that they ordered extra supplies from both their regional warehouse as well as local vendors to insure their customers are as ready as possible for the upcoming storm. These extra supplies include water, batteries, gas cans, ice, canned foods and other non-perishable foods needed to survive any disaster situation. Officials urge customers to come in as soon as possible, as supplies are running out fast. However, Walmart is doing everything in their power to have water and ice available for residents of Victoria. Truck shipments with more supplies are expected to come in Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Target has similar plans in place, with the idea being to make sure every guest is prepared with supplies and educated on what is necessary to stay safe during a tropical storm. The local Target store has ordered extra supplies of water peanut butter, snacks and ice as well as coolers, pet supplies, batteries and flashlights. All team members have been made aware of the hurricane watch and have been instructed to inform and educate any guests that are unprepared. Their goal is to provide amazing service and help out with any disaster relief, as needed, with supplies.

Officials from Target and Walmart are asking residents to be prepared and stock up to ensure their safety. Any residents with questions or concerns about the hurricane watch can search hurricane watch on our website.