Local Volunteer Fire Department Wins Pay It Forward for September

Hey folks, it’s Tommy Taylor with, Atzenhoffer Chevrolet and we’re here in Placedo at the volunteer fire department where they received the most votes ever in the history of pay it forward. So let’s reward them with this thousand dollar check and keep on paying it forward!

Today’s pay it forward Thursday. And we had 3000 votes this month for pay it forward and y’all received 82 percent of them. So on behalf of Atzenhoffer Chevrolet and KAVU, I’m happy to present you all with a thousand dollar check to the Placedo volunteer fire department. So how does that make you feel?

Oh, I just don’t believe it. This is wonderful.

What can you use the money for?

Our truck needs some repairs daily. Just daily operations because this is all done volunteer donations. That’s it. You know. So just to keep our doors open for awhile longer.

on the thousand dollars, is there any um, and even particular needs that you’ll have at the moment?

We don’t use the money for it. We need to pay some dues for our guys. They’re going to school. Okay. So. And our truck could use a little maintenance, keep it up and running so y’all can serve. That’s right. We were without it for five months last year.We also have to do some repairs to the building because it was damaged during the hurricane season. So we’ve got a lot of needs right now.