Local vape shop supports national petition to save flavored e-liquid

Recent headlines of deaths connected to e-cigarettes has prompted federal action.

A ban for flavored products, also known as e-liquid is in the works by current administration. The main drive for this ban is to keep young teens away from nicotine, legal only for 21 year olds or older.

Victoria has many shops that sell both e-cigarettes and flavored liquid.

“This is a means to an end, to get them off the cigarettes completely, maybe not forever off the nicotine, but nicotine being the same as caffeine with the FDA, it’s the lesser of two evils in our opinion. It’s counterproductive. If you ban the e-liquid flavors you’re just going to open up the black market that kids are just already going to,” said Michelle Krosgaard, SCS Vape Owner.

SCS Vape says products they sell are FDA approved, and deaths related to e-cigs are not due to flavored and regulated e-liquid.