Local trooper helps pave the way to create patches for autism awareness

Proceeds from patches sold will go to Crossroads Autism Network

VICTORIA, Texas – A DPS Trooper based in Victoria has been collecting police patches for some time now.

Specifically, patches for his son.

DPS Trooper Rob Mallory said while collecting patches for his who is on the spectrum, the idea of creating patches for autism awareness sparked.

“I was putting them [patches] all together in his room and I was a little dismayed because my own agency didn’t have their own autism patch,” said Trooper Mallory.

Trooper Mallory took it upon himself to reach out to the Texas Department of Public Safety Officer’s Association in hopes that the association would make replicas of the patches.

The association gave the greenlight and suggested that the proceeds from the patches sold go towards a charity.

Trooper Mallory nominated Crossroads Autism Network.

“The patch thing has never happened before, this a brand new thing,” said Paige Weaver the Executive Director of Board of Trustees with the Crossroads Autism Network. “I met Trooper Mallory when we did the Emergency Toolbox Registration and we talked a little bit about doing things more in the community … we had big plans for 2020 and then COVID happened.”

Weaver explained that the nonprofit had partnered with the Victoria Police Department, Vine School, Teacher’s Toolbox, Dr. Grant Heller’s Office, and Bright Lion Designs to put together Emergency Toolbox Registrations for families with loved ones on the spectrum.

In an email, Weaver elaborated that the toolboxes contained fidget spinners, folders with resource information, coloring books and autism alert stickers for vehicles just to name a few.

“This patch fundraiser came up at the perfect time for all of us,” said Weaver. “Due to COVID, so many organizations had all of our events come to a screeching halt.” 
Weaver said since the nonprofit could not bring families together in person, the online [patch] fundraiser truly brought autism awareness to a whole new level. 
At last check with Trooper Mallory, more than 400 patches have been sold in less than a week.
Trooper Mallory thanked everyone on social media who has liked, shared and bought the patch.
He mentioned to 25 News Now that the plan is to have the patch up for sale until the end of April.
We will make sure to follow-up with Trooper Mallory and find out how much money was raised for Crossroads Autism Network.
If you would like to purchase a patch, click here.