Local tire shop urges preparation for upcoming freeze

Local tire shop P&H tire company is urging residents to prepare for the upcoming freeze by inspecting their tires.

On average, tires can lose up to 10 lbs of pressure through extended exposure to freezing temperatures due to the air seeping out of the tires from the cold. This can lead to a flat tire or even a blow out depending on the specific tire. The shop suggests residents prepare so they’re not left out in the cold with a flat tire.

“Well, you can come up with having a flat tire or something like that. As soon as you can, you need to have the air pressure checked. Of course, if the tire’s flat already, you need to go and air it up first. But, get it in to a shop where they can check the air pressures and reset them for you.”

The tire shop recommends residents re-fill their tires to peak air pressure and suggest having an air compressor or fix a flat tool just in case of a blow out.