Local student creates new drop off box to retire old flags

Some may think it’s okay to chunk an old flag in the trash can, but instead,15-year-old Eagle Scout candidate Jace Stevens wants to help others do it with honor.

“There’s now a central location where people can come and drop off their flags once they’re tattered, so it’s easy for us to retire them later on in the year,” he says.

Jace came up with an idea for a flag retirement drop box. Where people can drop of their flags to be retired in an appropriate manner.

“The flags can be retired in a proper way, and can be gathered in one central place. the troops will take care of them.”

Residents say many people may not know what to do with an American flag after it becomes unusable.

“It’s already half full and we have about 3 more boxes that people gave us last week,” says Sharon Stevens.
“There are so many patriotic people in the community, and they do fly their flags. But, at the end they want to retire them in an appropriate way. Now they have a place to do that,” Russell Stevens says.

Jace says now these flags will get the respect they deserve.

“It feels good that I can help the community in a good way, and be patriotic and honor the American flag.”

You can drop your flags off at the Patti Dodson Health Center at 2805 North Navarro Street.