Local sponsors spread the Magic of Storytelling in the Crossroads

In the second annual “Magic of Storytelling” campaign, Newscenter 25 along with ABC and some local sponsors spread the magic of reading.

Newscenter 25 reporter LaShanda McCuin joined campaign organizer, Gloria Majfski, to deliver 2,000 brand new books to schools in the Crossroads.

Last year was the first time Majefksi partnered with ABC for the Magic of Storytelling Campaign and this year she was able to get more sponsors and more books.

“We found more sponsors and they were able to donate more books this year. We donated 2,000 books instead of the 1,000 books so it’s growing,” explained Gloria Majefski, Media Marketing Specialist at KAVU.

The growth in donations came from three sponsors in the Crossroads Community; Victory Auto Group, Cal-Com Federal Credit Union and Golden Corral helped provide students with Disney books.

For one of the sponsors the inspiration to be part of this campaign is really close to home.

“I have two kids myself and they love to read and love when the book fair comes around, so if I can do it it’s my pleasure,” said Timothy Glenn, Golden Corral franchise owner.

This donation of books meant a lot to Crain Elementary. After losing their library and a lot of books to hurricane Harvey, they didn’t have a library all last year. It’s now been re-opened and ready to give their brand new Disney books a new home.

“We’re ready to go now, but we still lost a lot of books so we’re very excited to have this opportunity to replenish our library with some of these titles that are high interest for our students that they are really going to enjoy reading,” said Melissa Correll, Principal of Crain Elementary.

The students were very excited to receive these books and one student told us what this means to her.

“It means a lot because I know some kids don’t have books and I really like to read books because they take me to another place and if I’m sad or if I’m not happy or something I like to read books,” said third grade student, Beth Boone.

The Magic of Storytelling recipients want to say a huge thank you to all of the sponsors.

Local sponsors spread the Magic of Storytelling in the Crossroads