Local showmen react to the Houston Livestock Show’s cancellation

Like many others, Macy Rae Cantu and Haley Laita were all prepared to show their cattle at the Houston Livestock Show. They’d prepared for months, practically all year, to show their steers. Unfortunately, show day will not come this time.

“It’s heartbreaking. Absolutely heartbreaking,” says mom Crystal Cantu.

The Houston Rodeo and Livestock show was cancelled after a person who was tested positive for the coronavirus attended the rodeo in late February. While many people are upset about the concerts and the carnival being cancelled, many showmen’s future in the sport is at stake without the money from selling their livestock.

“Not being able to show and sell our animals means that we won’t make money to buy our steers next year. I don’t think it was right to shut down the biggest stock show in the world. I don’t think it was right to shut it down. I think the kids should’ve been able to show, and shut down the carnival and the rodeo but I don’t think the entire show should’ve been shut down. Us not being able to show, after working on these steers all year long is heart breaking,” Macy Rae said, on the verge of tears.

With the possibility of more livestock shows being cancelled, the future is looking bleak for many showmen. Many tears have been shed, but hope remains,
that something good will come out of this.

“I’m praying they find somewhere else to hold the livestock show, but until then…” Macy Rae said, stroking her steer.

“I’m hoping that Austin is still going to happen because I can show him in Austin, and I hope they reschedule or find a solution for the Houston thing,” Haley Laita said.

Sadly, the Austin livestock show has been cancelled as well due to coronavirus fears. Hopefully these women can find some way into the ring and continue the sport they love so much.