Local restaurant donates over 1,300 meals to teachers and other education staff

Double J's Eatery thought giving back to those that influence the youth of America was a special way to show they care

VICTORIA, Texas – Double J’s Eatery is a family owned and operated restaurant that specializes in “Texas home cooked cuisine”. They wanted to share that cuisine with the area teachers and staff to show their appreciation for all their hard work. Their idea to help one school, led to serving 1,300 meals at 26 different schools all at no cost to the schools or their staff. Its a simple process for the staff to get their meals. Call Double J’s, tell them what school they are with, ask about their free meal, make their order and then either drive thru, pick up at curbside or go inside and pick up the meal. Their fridge is covered with “Thank you” notes from the teachers and staff for their meals. COVID-19 has affected Double J’s and their staff, but  part owner Lauren Tagliabue said giving back helped ease their stress.

“Its been okay, it was a struggle at first shutting down our dining room, it was scary, but by feeding the teachers it kept us busy and our staff busy.”

Part owner as well John Pierce said their loyal customers also kept them afloat.

“We were down pretty good for like  six weeks 65% to 70% but with our loyal customer base and the out pouring of they community they kept us alive.”

Double J’s is proud to say they didn’t have to fire or furlough anyone during the stressful times and are actually looking for more employees.