Local residents react to the impeachment of President Donald Trump

The U.S. House of Representatives impeaching President Donald Trump has caused mixed emotions throughout our nation. Now we’re getting local reactions from a Democrat and a Republican in the Crossroads.

Andrew Rokovich, a Republican, said, “I mean it was to be expected months ago. We were aware that this was coming, once they put their foot on the throttle they got it done in 80 days”.

President Trump is the 3 rd President in history to be impeached. The impeachment comes 85 days after house speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the opening of the impeachment inquiry. We asked a local resident about the good things President Trump has done while he has been in the office.

Dan Martin, a Democrat said, “Most of the people that I talk to conservative and liberal when we start talking about the good it all comes to the economy and everything beyond that kind of falls off the table”.

“I mean, fortunately, America is kind of letting this go in and out right now you can look around and see the economy is doing well people are working,” said Rokovich.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, non-farm payroll employment rose by 266,000 in November 2019. However, President Trump is being charged with Abuse of Power and Obstruction Of Congress. A Democrat, Dan Martin, speaks about some things President Trump has done that he felt were offensive.

“Insulting a woman’s deceased husband to get a laugh, calling a POW a loser because he was captured, mocking the handicapped disrespecting Gold Star Family,” said Martin.

Now the Articles of Impeachment will go to the Senate where they will determine if President Trump will be removed from office.