Local republicans react to impeachment statement from Nancy Pelosi

Local republican leaders in the Crossroads are taking note as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has formally asked for articles of impeachment to be drafted.

Congressman Michael Cloud and Victoria County republican chair, Bill Pozzi, react to the impeachment process advancing.

“It’s definitely a sad day for America, to impeach a president with barely a shred of evidence” says Representative Michael Cloud when ask on his reaction of Thursday morning’s statement.

As we get closer to an election year, republican leaders in the area say this doesn’t change their opinion on President Trump.

“Its ‘de-legitimizing’ Donald Trump, it’s just another way of hurting the President and how I see it here as the republican chair, they just don’t like Donald Trump. A lot of people don’t like Donald Trump.” adds Bill Pozzi, Victoria County Republican Party Chair.

Pelosi adding that the founding fathers set the constitution in fear of a king like president. Democrats released a 300-page report uncovering efforts by trump to solicit foreign interference in the 2020 election.

“I don’t think people, at least the republican party give it no legitimacy at all, it’s a political ploy” says Pozzi.

“They did more just to show how partisan this issue is, and vitriol to a duly elected president.” adds Cloud.

Congress is set to work through the end of the month, preparing for more hearings.