Local professor explains why you shouldn’t panic about Coronavirus

The four common strains of Coronavirus are prevalent and according to the CDC millions of people contract one of them every year

VICTORIA, Texas- When we learned of a woman from Victoria who was diagnosed with Coronavirus we decided to look into exactly what that means.

The Coronavirus that has been causing global panic is primarily found in the Wuhan province of China. However, with more than 1,000 people dead, and many quarantined in America having been evacuated from China, the word still sparks some fear.

We reached out to Dr. Daniel White, Director of Graduate Studies in Biology at the University of Houston-Victoria, to get an expert opinion on the Coronaviruses seen nationwide that are not causing concern at all.

“So the thing that some people get confused about is that we name these viruses based on what they look like. They’re for almost everything that looks the same under a microscope, it’s going to be named a Coronavirus. Then we further identify them using DNA, right? Or RNA, depending on the type of virus. So what we usually have here in the United States is going to be one of four types of Coronaviruses. They normally just cause a common cold, right? This is different than the rhinovirus, which causes the other common cold. But the coronaviruses that we have here are not too bad.”

The four common strains of Coronavirus are prevalent and according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) millions of people contract one of them every year.

They’re essentially harmless to most healthy Americans though. Much like the flu, however, they can be deadly to those who are immuno-compromised such as the elderly, or the very young. So one should still be cautious.

“You’re not going to get the Novel Coronavirus but you could still go to the hospital. You could have the sniffles, you could have, um, some symptoms that seem like a cold, and you might be diagnosed with a Coronavirus. It’s not the one that is making the headlines. And that is very dangerous, you know? And even the one that is making the headlines is killing people. But it’s definitely not infecting or killing any more people than say the flu.”

When asked what Dr. White would suggest to protect oneself from one of the common strains of Coronavirus he said to treat it like you would the flu. Wash your hands, avoid lots of interaction with the public and get some rest.

You’ll likely feel better after about 10 days, the average lifespan for most viruses.