Local pet resort warn owners on the dangers of holiday candies

The Pet Resort on Main Street is cautioning pet owners to avoid feeding their pets candy this holiday season.

While it’s common knowledge that chocolate is bad for pets, the resort is also urging owners to avoid common holiday candies, including candy canes and sugar free candy.

Vets say these candies contain a sugar substitute, which is known to cause low blood sugar, seizures and, in extreme cases, can even lead to death.

“Xylitol is in gum and different sweetners into sugars and candies,” explained Owner Travis Schaar. “Not just candy canes alone but other sugar candies. It’s just an additive. and, that’s the main side effect that we can see with Xylitol. If a large dog were to consume 14 pieces of gum with Xylitol, it can be fatal.”

Scharr adds the wrappers on candies can also lead to intestinal issues, so make sure to keep your pets out of the candy bowl this holiday season.