Local owner of Guerilla Gourmet offers hot meals and a safe place for Victoria residents

A local restaurant owner who weathered Hurricane Harvey uses his love for cooking to give back to the community. The owner of Guerilla Gourmet is offering free hot meals to those who have been affected by Hurricane Harvey. James Canter says he wants to give people a sense of normalcy.

“You know the biggest thing with all this is to offer a little bit of normalcy to people that have been effected. [To] give them a place to come and relax. Sit down. Listen to some Willie Nelson. Get some A/C and cold drinks and a warm bowl of soup or plate of food and that’s been the biggest thing is people getting a warm meal.” said Chef Canter.

Canter has started a go fund me account to continue offering free meals to those in need. If you’d like to contribute, you can search Gourmet Gorilla on gofundme.com.