Local organizations to provide housing options for city’s homeless and low income population

Newscenter 25 previously reported on The City of Victoria discussing a No-Camping Ordinance.

If the plan is implemented in the Victoria County lines it would prevent the homeless community from camping on public sidewalks and ditches.

Which will leave that population of individuals without anywhere to rest and if they are caught it could result in jail time.

“The City is not trying to focus on being mean to homeless people, that’s not their focus. They are trying to protect the people in their homes and I can see that,” said Captain Kenny Jones.

While the no-camping ordinance is being discussed in Victoria County, the Pathways to Affordable Housing event took place to provide a solution for the homeless community and low-income families.

“At this event, the resources being presented are the Salvation Army, the Housing Authority Programs, Prospera, all the housing resources available in the area,” said Johanna Rohan, Golden Crescent Coordinator.

Several non-profit organizations came together to inform the community of the services they provide.

The Salvation Army recently opened its doors and the organization has a certain amount of people they can help.

Captain Jones said, “We are able to house 18 men and I have one emergency family room for let’s say a family of four. Maybe a mother and a couple of children or a mother and father and a couple of children. If they have an emergency overnight situation were able to house them and the next day we can place them with the appropriate agency,”.

Jones mentioned how he extends his help to those who are in need.

“I don’t give them money. I give them a chance to come, eat a meal with us, stay in our shelter, I give you a voucher for clothes or whatever you need, but let me assist you in getting you into the housing,” said Jones.

Golden Crescent has an Affordable Housing Inventory booklet that will provide information about affordable homes in each County.