CPS and local Organization give back to the community with Thanksgiving food baskets

The folks at Child Protective Services and Rope for the Kids, teamed up to make sure that no one is left out at Thanksgiving.


Cps Holidays Vo Moment


Victoria – A total of 51 thanksgiving baskets, filled with everything needed for a great Thanksgiving meal, were given out to families inside the Golden Crescent region today. These food baskets will feed a total of 225 people, that might have otherwise not been able to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal. Kathy Cornett, says that her organization, Rope for the Kids, helps children in need and also provides scholarships to area youth, and the basket giveaway is one of the ways they help throughout the year.

” We really enjoy it….its very rewarding. Especially doing these Thanksgiving Baskets, and knowing they go to help families that are caring for children that are related to them,” said Cornett.

Cornett says that rope for the kids is also gearing up for Christmas, and all donations are needed and appreciated. To find out how to donate, in addition to finding out more about what rope for the kids does, visit: https://www.facebook.com/RopeForTheKids