Local officials ready to provide recovery assistance following Tropical Storm Beta

VPD has additional help on standby for the community


VICTORIA, Texas — Victoria Police had extra officers available Tuesday night, in case of an emergency during Tropical Strom Beta.

VPD Officer Brogger said they were also preparing for the worst, along with the Office of Emergency Management.

“So we have all additional personnel are either working or they’re on standby at this time. We’ve also brought in extra patrol officers. You know of course, it’s a fluid situation, we’re prepared to have the extra personnel and essential employees on standby or working as long as need be,” Brogger said.

Many surrounding county offices and police departments were ready to help those in need, including Jackson County which also endured rain and strong winds.

Gary Broz, the County Manager for Jackson County, said they have been preparing all week. The county clerk office was open throughout Tuesday night with sandbags available for residential areas that were flooded. If you still need sandbags, visit their website for help.

Law enforcement officials advise dialing 9-1-1 if you need help immediately. The police suggest that if you call for help, remain calm, give as much information as possible, and most importantly, know your location, so that help on the way can easily find you.