Local Musical Duo Taking Next Step, Producing CD

VICTORIA- Ruben and April Trevino have quite the love story.

“When I met my wife, everything seemed to fall into place,” said Ruben Trevino about his wife of seven years.

It was the music that sparked an instant connection, bringing the two lovebirds together.

“We just got to know each other and started talking,” said Ruben. “Then when I heard her voice, I was just like ‘this is an angel, this is angelic.'”

April, feeling the same about Ruben.

“Our voices sounded really well together, they just blended,” said April. “It sounded like magic.”

That magic caught the full attention from LA producer Tim Miner, who Ruben worked with during on a television show in the 90’s. Miner has an impressive resume, working with the likes of Justin Bieber, Paula Abdul and other numerous artists. Now – the Trevinos.

“I reached back out to him with a song that my wife wrote called ‘Magnify’ and he loved the song and wanted more,” said Ruben.

Taking one original song written by April, then creating 13 original demo songs.

“He even called us and he was said, ‘Ruben, I’m getting chills, here, working on your stuff,” said Ruben.

The couple started producing music in June 2015– and in a matter of months, the duo’s Christian contemporary album titled, “Never Give Up” is just about complete. And it all started, with just a little magic.

“Now on to our CD, which has become a dream come true,” said April.

For more information about the Trevino’s music, you can visit their website HERE. The duo will be performing live at RezFest on March 26.