Local ministry receives Pay It Forward donation

It’s Pay It Forward Thursday and that means our street crew hit the streets today looking for people to give to worthy persons or organizations within the community, willing to help their fellow neighbors…and today is no exception.
Our recipient wanted to help an agency that has been near and dear to her heart.
Here’s Tommy Taylor.

Hey folks, it’s Tommy Taylor with Atzenhoffer Chevrolet. and it’s Pay it Forward Thursday. Keep your eye out for this beautiful Atzenhoffer Silverado somewhere in our community and i’m gonna give you 300 dollars and a chance to Pay it Forward, Victoria!

Guadalupe it’s nice to meet you. What made you stop at the Pay it Forward truck today? So I can donate money to the Victoria VCAMP. You’re familiar with how the program works correct? Yes. Here’s the 300 dollars. And tell us, what do you want to use the money for today? They help people out, they give them food, help with water bills, or gas bills or something like that to help the community. That is what the program is all about-helping those in the community.

It’s Pay it Forward Thursday and are you familiar with our Pay it Forward program? Yes, I am. Great. Guadalupe stopped our truck and she got the 300 dollars today and wanted to donate to VCAM, so Guadalupe, take it away. This is in behalf of Atzenhoffer Chevrolet and Newscenter 25. Thank you so much, Guadalupe! Guadalupe is one of our clients here at our food pantry here at VCAM. We provide a supplement of groceries once a month groceries for our clients. We service over 3500 people a month. In addition to that we have free clothing store and whenever we have funding available, we provide financial assistance with past due bills.