Local medical staff weigh in on relief offered by U.S. Army Reserve medical Task Force

VICTORIA, Texas– A few weeks ago Governor Abbott deployed 42 U.S Army Reserve Medical Task Force members to Victoria county to help during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

A new study shows that Victoria was one of seven counties statewide classified as a Super Hot Spot for COVID-19. Bernard Leger, the CEO of DeTar Hospital tells us if 42 u.s reserve medical staff members will be enough to help Victoria combat COVID-19.

“Yea at this point with their help as well as other resources with the state provided to us in the form of nurses we feel like we’re in a good position today,” said Bernard Leger, DeTar Chief Executive Officer.

The U.S Medical Task Force Physicians, medical providers, and nurses are working alongside DeTar hospital employees. Colonel Michael Cook, a task force family doctor spoke about the transition to Victoria.

“It’s been a great relationship. We work hand and hand with them now. We have a great line of communication and overall provide great care, world quality care I believe to the patients that need it and kind of relieve some of the strain on the system because of the high numbers they are dealing with,” said, Colonel Michael Cook, a Family Doctor.

Adding the additional staff to DeTar has helped provide some relief from the overwhelming amount of stress due to the high numbers of COVID-19 patients.

“One of the things that’s really positive that’s come out of the military coming into our hospitals and our community is their Chapelin and their Chapelin Services that they brought with them we have offered that to our staff,” Heidi Wolf, DeTar Chief Nursing Officer.

The Department of Defense left behind family and friends to help save the lives of those impacted by COVID-19.

“So with rather short notice I had to reschedule a lot of patients, we were a little discombobulated but people adjusted and I have good support back home helping out with that, said Lieutenant,” Bradley Allen, a family physician.

Currently, there’s no end date to how long the Department of Defense will be helping DeTar Hospital.