Local Man Sends Handwritten Letters to Prisoners

“I put stickers on some letters. Some prisons don’t allow stickers.”

For Victoria resident Michael Vonderau, everyone deserves a little something to brighten up their day.

“Everyone needs love in their life, even if they’ve done a violent crime that’s unforgivable,” says Vonderau.

Such as these letters he writes to women in prison.

“I probably write about 20 a month to different people,” he says. “People in prison aren’t as mean and hateful like society sees them as.”

With these letters he aims to spark a bit of hope for those incarcerated women who feel hopeless.

“I research their cases and if I think they’re over charged or innocent I’ll send all their information to an attorney,” says Vonderau.

Vonderau says he knows being incarcerated is tough, but he feels this act of kindness will one day pay off.

“It’s just a lonely place to live and I just try to make it that much easier for them.”