Local Man Hopes to Expand Mariachi Music in the Crossroads

Mariachi music is a universal language according to Victoria resident Jacob Rosales.

“Mariachi is a genre. It’s a style of expressing yourself.”

Rosales’ passion for family and education brought him from Mexico to the United States, but along with him he brought his love for teaching Mariachi.

“I like everything about Mariachi. That’s like my language. That’s what I was fed when I was little.”

Rosales received a masters in music education from Vandercook University leading him to teach Mariachi to many students and professionals.

“During my studies I played all of the instruments of the orchestra. I’m an educator. That’s what I do.”

Now, after living in Victoria for a year, he’s hoping to teach and share his love for Mariachi to those in the community.

“Now if everything goes well I probably will be teaching this coming school year.”