Local hospital gives back to first responders with a lunch appreciation event

173 first responders had their lunch taken care of, thanks to hospital staff


VICTORIA, Texas – We know first responders are out on the front lines every day. Today, a local hospital decided to show their appreciation for them.

PAM Specialty Hospital honored 174 first responders with an appreciation lunch.

For the last month, the hospital staff was planning an appreciation event for first responder appreciation day.

It was a drive-up and pick-up event where first responders ranging from firemen, police officers, and even jailers got their lunch cooked by hospital kitchen staff.

The CEO of PAM Health says this is just one simple way to honor those who do so much for the community.

“So this is our chance to recognize and honor them, we’ve had several fire trucks come through, police cars, sheriff, EMS. We’re so appreciative of them and what they do every day for us,” says Christina Adrean, CEO of PAM Health

The Victoria Police Chief, Robert Arredondo took the time to stop by and says this act of kindness is just one of the many reasons he is proud to serve such a supportive community.

Hospital staff says they plan to keep this appreciation drive ongoing, at least four times a year, in honor of everything our first responders do every day.