Local heart doctor produces over 130 paintings over the pandemic

Doctor credits his scientific mind, cultural background and imagination as a driving factor in each of his paintings

VICTORIA, Texas – This is Dr. Dakshesh-Kumar Parikh, and he’s worked for 28 years as a cardiologist.

Dr. Dakshesh-Kumar Parikh M.D.

Dr. Dakshesh-Kumar Parikh in the backyard of his home.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Parikh has stayed just as busy as ever in the hospital helping heart patients. However, on May 10, 2020, he was led to paint in his garage after he was quarantining in a nearby house for the safety of his family.

What’s Dr. Parikh first work of art?

Dr. Parikh’s first work is “The House that Harvey rested on.” His first painting reflects memories from Bayshore drive in Rockport. The hurricane in 2017 leveled the family vacation spot.

Img 0362

Dr. Parikh’s first painting / his vacation home in Rockport that was destroyed during Hurricane Harvey

“I went to the house and when I entered, it was just a shock,” said Dr. Parikh. “It was like a bomb-out residence with only the walls and the front standing. Everything was blown away. So that visual was in my mind so then I painted within the next two hours, the house that Harvey rested on.”

Dr. Parikh has never had any courses or lessons — all this comes naturally. He has created over 130 pieces between May 2020 and Oct. 2021. He describes his artwork as examples of reality perceived by his imagination.

Once Dr. Parikh saw his ability to paint, his imagination took off to his next painting: the Tree with the Golden Limb. His second painting was inspiring by the tree his backyard.

Img 0363

Dr. Parikh’s second painting, the Tree with the Golden Limb, was inspired by a tree in his own backyard that had a limb falling from it.

“To me, I thought well, if I could do this, how about if I paint that branch that was broken and hanging from the tree,” said Dr. Parikh. “The same day I made my first painting, I made the tree with the golden limb. It’s like a tree which gives oxygen and energy to the world. I also used that dried limb as a grandfather figure, which conveys wisdom. I call it the tree with the golden limb.”

Dr. Parikh has spent hours and days on many paintings, some in which he had to store in Houston. His paintings range from small 12-inch canvas to paintings that have to be dropped from the second floor of his house just to be viewed.

Horse Painting

Horse leaving the barn towards the sunset, leaving its footprints behind

Dr. Parikh says his scientific mind and cultural background are the driving factors in each of his paintings. He also shared that no two of his paintings will ever be the same.

“I try to encompass my scientific and cultural background and travels in each of my paintings,” says Dr. Parikh. “Each of my paintings, I call my hypothesis. So, the hypothesis is there and people can build their thesis on it, but I have made the painting the way my imagination has pictured it and it’s there for the world to visualize. None of my paintings are ever gonna be a copy of anything anyone has ever made because it just doesn’t exist what I’ve done — in the sense that what I try to do is paint reality by my imagination and that image does not exist until I paint it.”

Whenever Dr. Parikh shows someone one of his paintings, one of the first questions they often ask is, “When are you going to exhibit one of your paintings?” or “Are you going to sell them?”

“My answer to these questions is no, it’s not for sale,” replies Dr. Parikh. “What’s in the imagination cannot be sold, and yes, I’m going to try and work to get my paintings exhibited.”

What’s next for Dr. Parikh?

Dr. Parikh wants to write a book on his paintings, moving forward.

“Simple, a dive into the synapses, destination, imagination. A dive into the synapses. That’s going to be the name of my book. Look inside your brain and what you will see there at the scientific level is a whole lot of radiant color and translated onto canvas, a dive into the synapses,” says Dr. Parikh.

During my time with Dr. Parikh, I was reminded of how powerful imagination can be, whether it’s picking up a paintbrush or picking up a new skill.

You never know, how far and where your imagination can take you.

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