Local health official encourages taking both flu and COVID-19 vaccine in the future

VICTORIA, Texas- During the 3 pm Victoria Emergency Management press briefing officials said we have seen an increase in COVID-19 cases here in Victoria County.

David Gonzales, the Director for The Victoria Public Health Department, says previously we were at a minimal community transmission, now we are at a moderate level. The hospitalization capacity is at 11 percent in the region. This is important to know because of the 15 percent threshold that the governor has determined to be the point at which the occupancy limits are lowered to 50 percent for some businesses. The 15 percent threshold was issued in Governor Abbott’s recent Executive Order GA-32.

Flu season and the COVID-19 vaccine is a few weeks away Dr. John McNeill says we should not have any medical complications with people receiving both vaccines.

“There’s no data that indicates that there will be any problems between receiving a flu shot and a COVID shot or currently any other vaccinations. Currently, my goal or my thought for a good idea would be that maybe next year we get our flu shot and our COVID shot in the same injection. I don’t know if that’s even possible. I don’t know the data on that but I do know you can certainly take them both. I’ve had my flu shot of course and I’m certainly getting a covid vaccination and I’m glad you asked about the flu because I’ve believed since the get-go that these will help with the flu,” said Dr. John McNeill, the local Public Health Authority.

Dr. McNeill says the Crossroads community has not seen a high number of flu cases this year. Dr. McNeill also says the flu could came later this season but currently, the number of flu cases are lower than usual in Victoria county, but remaining vigilant will be key throughout the holidays.