Local golfers stay the course amid pandemic

Golf numbers up around Victoria

VICTORIA, Texas — With sports around the Crossroads — and the nation — temporarily put on pause due to the coronavirus pandemic, local golfers aren’t letting fears over the spread of COVID-19 stop them from getting in 18.

“I’m personally not very worried about it,” said area resident David Ryon at Riverside Golf Course. “Especially being at a golf course where everybody has a decent amount of space between them.”

Per CDC guidelines, area courses are taking extra precautions. At Riverside, returning carts are being cleaned with diluted bleach before being power washed. Club at Colony Creek general manager Laurie Eder says in addition to a deep cleaning of all their carts, communal items around the course have been removed to prevent any potential spread of germs.

“We’ve picked up the rakes in the bunkers, we have picked up the sand bottles, we have picked up the water on the course,” says Eder. ” We’re also recommending to our members to go ahead and keep that six feet apart, that social distance on the golf course.”

At Victoria Country Club, PGA Director of Golf Joe Mitchell says the ability to play in small groups and with a lack of person-to-person contact is a primary reason the sport’s popularity continues to flourish.

“Guys can use their own golf carts kind of like what we’re doing today,” says Mitchell. “Just to where they’re out here still having fun but we’re kind of minimizing the contact.”

All three Victoria golf courses will continue to operate with normal business hours for the time being.