Local food bank prepares for long term impact of government shutdown

The Food Bank of the Golden Crescent is preparing for a possible increase in food requests due to the federal government shutdown, which has now entered day 26.

CEO Robin Cadle says the food bank has not been impacted by the shutdown yet because only a small portion of their funding comes from federal funds.

However, Cadle expects an increase in food requests from residents who rely on SNAP, or Food Stamps benefits, which is expected to lose funding by mid to late February.

This, combined with a possible decrease in commodities from USDA, is the biggest concern for the Food bank going forward.

“We receive a lot of commodities that gets distributed through our 11 counties,” Cadle explained. “Without those, we would have less food to give out. Now, with donations we can purchase that, not through the government, but through wholesale distributions and still meet the needs. “

The food bank will also support other Texas food banks, as needed, to help provide food for cities with a high volume of federal workers, including Austin, San Antonio and Houston.