Local financial adviser joins the race for Mayor of Victoria

Local financial adviser Stephen Meacham is the fourth and final resident to file an application to join the Victoria mayoral race.

As a former Army reserve officer, Meachum says he was inspired to run for office because of his family history of serving their communities. Meachum moved to Victoria more than 22 years ago to work at the former Bank & Trust bank after graduating from Texas A&M University.

Win or lose, Meachum hopes to inspire positive conversation about moving Victoria from what he believes is a declining state, back to the prosperity Victoria used to have.

“The fact that we’ve got four candidates in this race is just gonna draw a lot of attention to the race,” Meachum said. “People are gonna start to think, what is it that I want to be happening in my city? And, hopefully we’ll have some very good discussions about this and it will become a focus in this community. So, if nothing else, I’m hoping to focus on where Victoria is gonna go.”

Meacham is the final candidate to join the Victoria mayoral race, joining former UHV president Vic Morgan, businessman Brent Carter and architect Rawley McCoy. The Victoria mayoral race takes place on May 4th.